How Much Do You Really Know About Rhe Sun Spiders Around Las Vegas?


a sun spider wind scorpion

The sun spider is an interesting creature. It is an arachnid that goes by several different names, including wind scorpion and camel spider. Despite the names attached to the wind scorpion, the insect isn’t a scorpion or a spider. Wind scorpions are hairy and have a round abdomen that gives them a spider-like appearance. The front appendages are similar to those of scorpion. These creatures are 1/2 to 2 inches in length. The first pair of appendages are large-toothed pinchers like jaws. The second set of appendages have suction tips for snatching up their prey. It’s believed that the racket-shaped organs on the hind legs serve a sensory purpose. Sun spiders are predatory and eat insects, lizards, and other prey much larger than they are. Although they are predatory and can certainly cause a painful bite to humans, they do not have poison and pose no health threats to human beings or even pets

How Do Sun Spiders Breed?

Female sun spiders lay eggs in a burrow in the sand. They will lay approximately fifty eggs and will guard them tenaciously until they hatch. Coming upon the eggs can certainly result in a nasty bite. Baby sun spiders are active during the night, while the adults may be active at night but do their hunting during the day. Sun spiders typically only hatch one generation per year.

Why Get Rid Of Sun Spiders Drom Your Las Vegas Property?

Since sun spiders are not particularly dangerous to people and they eat other insects, why would you want to remove them from your property? You do not need to get rid of sun spiders that may be on your property, but on occasion, they can get into your home. If you only find one in your home now and then, no big deal. All you need to do is remove it from your home and put it outside. If you see more, you are going to need some professional help to remove them.

How To Keep Sun Spiders From Getting Inside Your Home

When dealing with pests, the best offense is always a good defense. Here are some preventative measures to make your home less appealing to sun spiders:

  • Seal cracks and openings that could allow sun spiders or other pests access to your home.  
  • Caulk around the foundation to seal cracks. Make sure there are no gaps under doorways and keep the screens on your windows and doors intact.
  • Clean Your Home. While sun spiders don’t necessarily look for dirty homes to invade, they can be attracted to food sources, including insects that may be in your home. Taking preventive measures for other pests will ensure that sun spiders won't be able to find their next meal in your living room.

Do You Need Professional Pest Control For Sun Spiders?

Honestly, sun spiders in Las Vegas are not considered to be dangerous or even a nuisance pest, so there is no need for professional help unless you find you have a large number of them in your home. If you notice you have a lot of sun spiders (they are easy to identify and look scarier than they really are), the professionals at Red Rock Pest Control will be happy to help you get rid of them. Contact us today to discuss all of your pest problems. If you have other, more serious pest infestations, we’re happy to help you with those as well. We offer guaranteed results and great customer care. Call us today.


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