How Bed Bug Infestations Start In Las Vegas Homes


"What causes you to get bed bugs?" and, "How do bed bug infestations start in your home?" are two of the most common questions we get about these insects. Today, we're going to give you some insight that you may not have about these mysterious and disturbing pests.

Humble Beginnings

A bed bug infestation may start with one female bug. She could have crawled onto you while you were watching a movie at the theater. She could have returned home with you while you were on vacation. She may have even come over to your home from a friend's house—or the home of one of your kid's friends. It only takes one female bed bug to start an infestation. When she is carried into your home, she will crawl out of her hiding place and find a place to hide in your home. In this new hiding place, she will begin to lay her eggs. She can lay 1 to 5 eggs every day. Those eggs hatch in 6 to 10 days.
Las Vegas is a hotbed for bed bug activity because we have people who travel here from all over the world. When they stay in local area motels, hotels, resorts, and other accommodations, residents can become exposed. For example: if a bed bug gets on a hotel employee or a guest who is from Las Vegas, those bugs can travel home with them. This is just one example of the many ways bed bugs can passively spread from business to homes and from homes to businesses.


Bed bug eggs do not require the mother bed bug in order to hatch. If bed bugs lay eggs in a carriable item, they can hatch on their own when they get into a home. This can result in several bed bug nymphs crawling around in search of a blood meal.

Bed Bug Babies

Many insects have a larval stage. This is when they are wiggly worms that don't crawl around your home. Bed bugs do not have a larval stage. They come out as immature nymphs. These nymphs can be as small as 1mm in length. If you are bitten by a bed bug during the day, it is most likely to be a nymph. So it is a good idea to know what a bed bug nymph looks like. Seeing a bed bug on your skin may be your first sign that an infestation is taking root in your Las Vegas home.

Immature Nymph Identification 

  • Nymphs have six legs and a similar shape to an adult bed bug.

  • Nymphs begin as a pale color and slowly turn to tan and then brown.

  • The skin (cuticle) of a newly hatched nymph is transparent. If it is feeding on your blood, you will see the red color of your blood in its abdomen.

  • Nymphs go through 5 instars. These are developmental stages. As it grows toward its adult stage, it will become less transparent.

  • In all instars, the black feces of these insects can be seen in their abdomen.

If you find a pale or tan, six-legged bug with a bright red abdomen feeding on your skin, it is quite likely that you're looking at a bed bug. Use a piece of clear tape to capture it and get it properly identified by a licensed professional.

Bed Bug Bites

Another sign you're likely to get that bed bugs have invaded your home is the appearance of bed bug bites on your skin. These bites usually look like they follow a path and they can be small red bumps or large red welts with a rash around them. How bad the bites are depends on many factors that include, how old the bed bug is, how many times you've been bitten, and how resilient your skin is to the anticoagulant in bed bug saliva.

Bed Bug Control

There are many ways bed bugs can get into your Las Vegas home. When they do, remember that the bed bug experts at Red Rock Pest Control are standing by to help you get rid of them. For effective bed bug control solutions, reach out to us at Red Rock!


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