Experts Answer The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Spiders In Las Vegas


brown recluse spider crawling on a wall

One pest that many people absolutely hate dealing with is spiders. Many people are afraid of spiders, and some people even have severe arachnophobia. Even people who aren’t afraid of spiders don’t really appreciate having them in their Las Vegas home or business.

The biggest concern when it comes to spiders is that they are dangerous, yet most spiders you find in the area aren’t dangerous at all. For the most part, spiders are a nuisance pest, and they are often around because they are attracted to populations of smaller insect pests on your property.

While most spiders aren’t dangerous, they also aren’t enjoyable to have around your home or business. Even less dangerous species can bite, and those bites can be painful.

Here are some common are spiders in our area:

  • Brown recluse: These spiders are tan to dark brown in color with uniform color with a marking that looks like a violin. Brown recluse venom is known to cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Black widow: These spiders are easy to identify because of their pitch-black color with red, hourglass marking on their underside. Black widow venom is fifteen times more powerful than a rattlesnakes and extreme caution should be used around this species.
  • Camel spiders: These are one of the most common species found in the area. They have pale, cream-colored bodies that look somewhat like a scorpion. With jaws up to a third of their body length these spiders pack a powerful bite.
  • Wolf spiders: They are brown or grey with darker colored markings and bands. The appearance of these big and hairy spiders tends to cause alarm but this species rarely bites if unprovoked.

How Dangerous Are Las Vegas Spiders?

Many people are scared of spiders because they can bite, and sometimes these bites can be painful. However, while most spider bites are relatively harmless, there are a couple of species in the United States that are considered dangerous.
The most dangerous spider in the world is actually the Sydney funnel-web spider or Atrax robustus that is found commonly in New South Wales. Thankfully, this spider isn’t found in Las Vegas, but the brown recluse and black widow spider are, and they are both dangerous enough to be considered medically significant.
Other spiders in the area are also venomous, but their venom generally harms their prey, not humans. However, some people might have allergic reactions to these bites.

Why Do Spiders Come Inside?

Many area pests will come inside your home or business as they seek shelter from the weather or because they are looking for places to build their nest. Spiders, on the other hand, usually come into your property or even into particular rooms while hunting their prey.

Because of this, spiders in your home often indicates that you have other pest problems going on. They can be a good way to gauge when there are other small insects in your building or around your property. Addressing spider infestations means addressing other pest infestations as well. Getting rid of other pests is often one of the best ways to help prevent spiders.

Spider Prevention Tips

If you're trying to prevent spiders from getting into your home or business, there are some things you can do. Key among them is to make your property less appealing to these arachnids.
Here are some spider prevention steps:

  • Trim shrubs and bushes in your yard.
  • Declutter your home and clean regularly.
  • Make sure doors and windows are tightly sealed.
  • Remove any webs.
  • Make sure your porch lights are yellow LEDs which are less attractive to spiders than white lights.
  • Address underlying pest problems.
  • Contact pest control professionals by calling Red Rock Pest Control.


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