Expert Answers To Your Questions About Vegas Pigeons


When you think about problematic wildlife, pigeons probably aren’t the first to come to mind. That us, until a pigeon gets into your home. Pigeons are a more common pest problem than Las Vegas residents might realize, causing unwanted household damage and disease.
The expert exterminators at Red Rock Pest Control know all about pigeon problems and the questions you might have. Here are answers to some common questions you might have about pigeons in your Las Vegas home or business.

What Is The Purpose Of Pigeons?

Pigeons are actually nonnative birds. You wouldn’t know this based on how common they are nowadays, in cities from Las Vegas to New York. Pigeons were initially introduced to the United States as domesticated pets, but these birds soon formed populations of their own in the wild. Despite being a foreign species, pigeons don’t cause ecological problems, and they serve to control insect populations in the wild.

Are Pigeons Smart?

Yes! Pigeons are actually some of the smartest birds, according to scientists. Pigeons have been trained to complete a variety of tasks and puzzles in psychological tests. These birds are even capable of recognizing each individual letter of the alphabet. While a pigeon’s intelligence is impressive, it also makes these birds harder to deal with when they start nesting on your property.

Are Pigeons Dirty? Why Aren't Pigeons Good? Are Pigeons Bad For Your House?

Pigeons pose a list of issues for Las Vegas residents. When one of these tricky birds get into your household, you want a licensed pest control professional to kick them out before they cause the following problems:

  • Disease. Pigeons carry a variety of human pathogens, including salmonella, toxoplasmosis, and histoplasmosis – a type of fungal-borne disease that grows in their toes.

  • Parasites. Pigeons can bring a host of ticks, fleas, and mites onto your property, making them a four-in-one pest problem for your family and pets.

  • Home damage. Pigeon nests and droppings can damage your home’s eaves, gutters, and ventilation system, causing thousands of dollars in damage and repairs.

  • Walking hazards. Pigeon droppings can make the ground below their roosts slippery and hazardous.

Why Do Pigeons Keep Coming Back? How Do You Stop Pigeons From Coming?

Like other pests, pigeons flock to your household for two reasons: food and shelter. Pigeons have come to rely on humans for a part of their food source, so it’s only natural that they would live so close to human households and potentially move into home roofs, gutters, vents, and attics. Homes provide ideal roosting spaces, especially if pigeons have access to your trash or food storage.

Even if your house doesn’t provide food, it still provides shelter. Pigeons can fly around the neighborhood in search of food, then land back at your property. Even after you get rid of a pigeon nest, the pigeon might come back, since it associates your property with its nesting site and knows there’s food nearby.

Commonly, your house will attract pigeons if it has unclean gutters, leaky fixtures, bird baths, bird feeders, and easy-access food or trash.

How Do I Get Rid Of Pigeons?

When pigeons threaten the health and safety of your Las Vegas property, you need the response of pest control professionals who know how to handle these birds. Contact Red Rock Pest Control today, and we’ll make sure these avian pests stay far away from your home and family.


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