Expert Advice About Snake Control For Your Las Vegas Home


a copperhead snake coiled in a yard

Snakes, even if they aren’t dangerous, are not something most people want to see in their yards. Snakes help control the rodent population, but that doesn’t seem to reassure people who get the creeps when they see a snake. There’s a good reason for this fear, however, because many snakes are venomous and can cause harm to people. Furthermore, snakes can easily invade your home. In the end, people would rather have snakes stay away altogether.

In Las Vegas, there are a lot of different kinds of snakes, including water moccasins, copperheads, corn snakes, night stalkers, and several species of rattlesnake. Corn snakes and night stalkers aren’t venomous, but unless you know how to tell one snake from another, it’s hard to know when a particular snake is dangerous and when it is not. Most rattlers, of course, are easily identified by the sound they make when approached, but some snakes are similar in appearance and it’s easy to make an error when identifying them.

The Dangers Of Snakes In Or Around Your Las Vegas Home

Snakes are sneaky by nature. They like to hide and can be found beneath rocks, in cracks and crevices, in and around garbage, and other places that offer safe harborage. They do like to lounge in the sun, but when they’ve had enough, they look for shade. In many cases, by the time you’ve encountered a snake, it may be too late to protect yourself. While snakes are not going to go out of their way to attack you, they will do so the instant they feel threatened. If you’re within striking distance, there’s a good chance you’ll be bitten. Unless you can positively identify the snake that bit you, it’s best to seek medical attention right away. For some species, the venom is fast-acting. There’s no need to take an unnecessary risk because you think the snake that bit you wasn’t dangerous.

Keeping Snakes Away From Your Las Vegas Home

You can’t always keep snakes off your property, and when they are on your property, they could potentially get into your home. One of the best ways to keep snakes away is to use pest control to reduce the number of rodents on your property. Snakes eat rodents. If you deprive them of their food, they will another place to live.

You can also reduce the snake population by removing dead wood, rocks, and trash that can attract them. Also, do your best to keep grass and weeds short. This will eliminate hiding places for snakes and will also reduce the risk of stepping on a snake because you can’t see it curled up in the brush.

Red Rock Pest Control Is The Answer To Snake Prevention In Your Las Vegas Home

If you have a snake problem in your yard or Las Vegas home, the professionals at Red Rock Pest Control can help. We can rid your home and property of the rodents that attract snakes. By exercising rodent control, you will mitigate health risks and property damage. We can also help you make your yard unattractive to snakes and offer advice and strategies to keep snakes away for good. Remember, snake bites are often dangerous, and in some cases deadly. Don’t take a chance with snakes near your Las Vegas home. Call the professionals at Red Rock Pest Control today. Our pest experts are standing by to help you with whatever pest services you need.


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