Everything You Need To Know About Las Vegas Termite Inspections


a termite crawling on ruined wood outside a home in las vegas nevada

Having a home under attack is never a good thing, especially when there could be severe damage taking place right under your nose. Termites like the ones we have in Nevada are one of the most destructive forces in North America. They can destroy furniture, support beams, sheds, and even entire homes in the short span of just a few months if the infestation is large enough. And subterranean termites are the number one pest invader, effecting the structural integrity of west coast homes.

To combat the effects of termite destruction, many homeowners, and businesses and commercial property owners invest in regular termite inspections. A termite inspection consists of a highly trained pest operative searching for suspicious or blatant pest activity on your property. These are completed at the convenience of the home or property owner.

Why Termite Inspections Are Crucial For Your Las Vegas Residence

Sitting down to schedule a termite inspection may seem like something that takes away more of your precious, irretrievable time. However, there are important events and dates for which a termite inspection should be carried out in order to truly keep you and your family safe. 

  • New homeowners, business owners, and commercial residence owners should receive a termite inspection at least once a year, and more often if there is a history of infestation on the property. Having long term termite protection plans in place, as well as long term pest control treatments, is the perfect defense against mounting infestations. 

  • Some home loans require buyers and sellers to have a termite inspection completed before any swapping of the properties can be done. Without the proper paperwork and documentation, purchases can be delayed, altered, or even canceled. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when making a large investment.

  • Termite damage is not covered by most forms of homeowners insurance, which could leave you liable for a hefty price tag should an infestation take place. Termites cost United States property owners over five billion dollars every single year, chewing through structures, hollowing out walls, and eroding wood floors and furniture. Without the necessary pest control plan in place, homeowners may be subjected to the nightmarish reality of termite infestations on their property.

  • Finally, it is important to note that Las Vegas is home to not one, but three unique species of termites. From dampwood and drywood termites to the subterranean species. Failing to inspect your property for signs of these types of termites can leave property owners vulnerable to severe damage and extensive repairs. 

If termite activity is found on your property, it’s never too late to begin the process of rooting them out. Using a combination of treatments, prevention, and exclusionary methods, Red Rock Pest Control has consistently returned once pest-ridden homes to their former pest-free state. 

Terminate The Termite Hordes With Red Rock Pest Control

Living in fear isn’t living at all, which is why Red Rock Pest Control is so passionate about solving the termite concerns of Las Vegas residents all over the city. To get the ball rolling, speak to a knowledgeable representative about your termite control options. Visit us today to discover why so many of your friends, neighbors, and local businesses trust Red Rock Pest Control to keep them safe from termite infestations all year long. 


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