Are Bed Bugs In My Las Vegas Home Dangerous?


a bed bug crawling on the ground

By virtue of their name, there is no such thing as a “good” pest. However, some pests like bed bugs can make things seem much worse for people in their Las Vegas homes. Bed bugs are small, flat, and round in appearance. They’re as small as an apple seed, which makes detection difficult. Most importantly, they desire your blood since it’s their food source.
These bloodsuckers have a unique travel pattern that inadvertently makes Las Vegas a potential hotspot for this pest. The reason is simple. They’re hitchhikers. They latch onto your pants, luggage, bus seats, and other similar means of transportation. Considering how many people travel to Las Vegas, it’s critical to remain vigilant even when having fun.

Analysis Of A Bite

We mentioned that bed bugs desire your blood. This means they, like other pests that seek your blood, bite. Most bites occur when sleeping, which is part of why detection is so difficult. At first, the bite is painless. However, over time they turn into itchy welts.
Since they can appear anywhere on the body, the bite is often mistaken for a mosquito bite or something similar. Unfortunately, confirming it’s a bed bug bite requires spotting the bugs themselves. Fortunately, bed bugs aren’t known to transmit disease. However, the nature of this infestation can cause some people to develop stress-induced insomnia. Additionally, a prolonged infestation may result in anemia due to excessive blood-drinking.

Why They’re In Your Home

There is a common thought that bed bugs are a result of filthy living conditions. In other words, many people think a one-star motel is more likely infested than a four-star hotel, but that is a misconception. With that in mind, the truth is the condition of your home isn’t a factor. Instead, all that matters for bed bugs is they have access to their food source. Unfortunately, they can live in any environment.
So where do they come from? There are a couple of ways bed bugs get into your home. The first way is through other infested areas or used furniture. Remember, they’ll gladly hang onto your luggage, purse, backpack, or other items to go home with you. The worst part is they reproduce rapidly, which means the bed bug population can spin quickly out of control.
The good news is there are ways to identify a bed bug infestation relatively early if you pay attention. Look for the following signs:

  • Bed bug sighted: If you see one bed bug, you’ve seen enough. They exist in large numbers, which means it’s time to get the professionals if you see even one.

  • Shed skins and droppings: Maybe you haven’t seen one yet, but if you see their shed skin or droppings, it’s a good sign they’re in the house.

  • Bloodstains: Bed bug bites may leave blood droplets behind, which can get on the sheets or your clothing. If you notice rust spots on your sheets or other items, then you may have bed bugs.

Bed Bug Removal With Red Rock Pest Control

Bed bugs are growing in number and frequency throughout the United States. Las Vegas is no exception thanks to its status as a tourist attraction and source of international travel. There are so many suitcases, purses, and backpacks for bed bugs to latch onto. It’s enough to make anyone cringe. That’s why our team is standing by to assist our customers with their bed bug infestation. If you suspect an infestation, it’s time to take action by contacting us so we can begin your inspection and take action immediately.
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