Answering Las Vegas's Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions


Since mice are extremely common pests in the area, many homeowners have questions about these tiny rodents. It’s not rare at all to find yourself dealing with a mouse infestation, but you might not know what to do if you find yourself face to face with these furry creatures.

While some people don’t mind mice so much, others find them quite scary. Regardless of how you feel about them, mouse infestations can be dangerous as they can spread diseases such as salmonella and hantavirus. They are also destructive pests as they constantly gnaw on everything from wires to plumbing to drywall.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the answers to your most pressing mouse questions and provide solutions for mouse problems.

Can Mice Climb Walls?

While you’ll often notice mice scurrying around on the ground, mice are actually able to climb up many vertical surfaces including walls. They can climb up a smooth wall up to 13 inches, and they can also jump up to a foot in the air. This means that mice can easily get into places like shelving and pantries as well as many other areas you don’t want them.

Can Mice See In The Dark?

Mice might be able to jump and climb higher than you realized, but they aren’t able to see in the dark. Overall, mice and other rodents have poor vision and rely on their other senses, especially smell. 

What Attracts Mice To A House?

Mice are attracted to homes for two main reasons: food and shelter. This means that having food spills, dirty dishes, and even clutter can put your home at risk of an infestation. Mice are especially attracted to food waste on floors. During cooler weather, they are likely to come indoors as they search for shelter. 

How Do I Keep Mice Out Of My House?

Because mice are mainly looking for food and shelter, you can reduce the risk of infestation by eliminating these factors. Here are a few simple ways to deter mice:

  • Store human and pet food in airtight containers when possible.

  • Clean up any food or drink spills immediately.

  • Regularly take out the trash.

  • Declutter often especially around garages, crawl spaces, and basements.

  • In general, keep a tidy, clean home with a focus on deep cleaning kitchen spaces. 

Does One Mouse Mean An Infestation?

Seeing one mouse often means that you are dealing with an infestation. While this isn’t always the case, the likelihood of there being more than just the one mouse you saw is high. (However, it’s very rare to have an infestation of both mice and rats at the same time.)

How Do I Get Rid Of Mice?

Mice can cause many problems around your Las Vegas home, so it’s not worth it to let the problem go untreated. However, since mice are particularly hard pests to prevent and control, trying to remove them on your own rarely works. The most effective way to handle rodent infestations is to work with the experts at Red Rock Pest Control. Our trained technicians will save you time and money while keeping you and your family safe from these disease-filled pests. To learn more about our rodent control programs, or to request a free inspection, contact us today at (702) 508-7544.


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