3 Reasons To Consider Red Rock Pest Control In Las Vegas


Here in Las Vegas, pest invasions are a part of life. Spiders, scorpions, snakes, and rodents are all common pests that try to take up residence inside our homes or make themselves dangerous nuisances in our yards. When these pests invade, it can be hard to know where to turn. Without the knowledge, skill, or equipment necessary, trying to eliminate pests yourself can be dangerous and unsuccessful. Instead, you need a professional pest control company to help. But which one should you choose? Here are three reasons to consider Red Rock Pest Control.

1. Our Commitment to Excellence

At Red Rock Pest Control, we are committed to excellence. With a customer-oriented approach to pest control, we listen to your concerns to gain a full understanding of what you need. We dedicate ourselves to eliminating your pest problems, no matter how big or how small, using modern techniques and the most effective treatments available. As a locally owned business, we understand the unique pest pressures in Las Vegas, and as a family-owned business, we treat each job as if it were in our own home.

2. Our Free Inspections and Affordable Rates

When you suspect you have a pest problem, it helps to have a professional take a look, but that can be costly. At Red Rock Pest Control, we don’t think you should have to pay for that service, which is why we offer free inspections. One of our professionally trained service technicians will carefully inspect your home and yard, looking for any signs of pests. If we don’t find any and you wish to take no further action, your inspection is still free.

If we do see signs of pests, or if you wish to take preventative action, your first general pest control service is only $19. It’s part of our commitment to our customers to provide exceptional pest control at affordable rates.

3. Our Exceptional Pest Control

Affordable rates are only great if the pest control is great, as well. Luckily, when you choose Red Rock Pest Control, you don’t merely receive excellent service, you receive exceptional service. When we treat your home, our Safe Barrier technology provides you with six feet of protection around the perimeter of your house. By protecting the outside of your home, which is the first line of defense, we also effectively protect the inside of your home.
With many pest control companies in the Las Vegas area, you can feel confident when you choose Red Rock to serve your pest control needs. Our commitment to our customers, affordable rates, and top-of-the-line pest control treatments set us apart. To schedule your free inspection, contact us today or fill out the form below!


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