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When you own a residential or commercial property here in Anthem, you should always be prepared for potential problems. One of the main problems that property owners face is pest infestations. Whether rodents, ants, birds, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, or any other pests live in and around your Anthem property, they’re sure to cause problems. The best way to ensure pests stay away from your home or business is to implement a year-round pest control plan for your property.

At Red Rock Pest Control, we make it our number one goal to ensure your Anthem property is protected from pests of all shapes and sizes year-round. With experienced pest technicians, affordable pest treatments, and customized services, Red Rock Pest Control has you covered. We’ll provide excellent solutions for even the toughest pest problems. Give us a call today for more information about what our commercial and residential pest control services involve.

Residential Pest Control In Anthem, NV

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No one wants to return to their home after a hard day and have to deal with pest problems. Your Anthem home should be somewhere that you can relax and spend time with your family, not a place where pests can thrive.

If you want to avoid finding destructive and disease-spreading pests in your home, then it’s time to contact the skilled pest professionals here at Red Rock Pest Control. 
We offer excellent residential pest control programs that are tailored to the needs of your home and budget. With our pest technicians working the job, you can trust that your Anthem home and family will remain protected from pests throughout every season.

Red Rock Pest Control is committed to providing effective home pest control services that will protect you, your family, and your pets.

Experience complete peace of mind when you contact Red Rock Pest Control today for long-lasting residential pest control solutions. 

Commercial Pest Control In Anthem, NV

There’s nothing easy about owning a business. And when pests invade your Anthem commercial property, running a successful business can feel nearly impossible. Pests such as birds, rodents, insects, and spiders can cause many serious problems for your commercial establishment. They can spread harmful bacteria, transmit diseases, damage products, and scare away your customers. 
To protect your Anthem business from the many pests that live in our area, you need a professional commercial pest control plan. Red Rock Pest Control is dedicated to keeping your commercial property protected from pests through the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodologies and advanced treatment methods. In addition, we also customize our commercial pest programs to meet your individual needs. Say goodbye to pest problems in and around your Anthem business when you contact Red Rock Pest Control today.

Guide To Preventing Ants In Anthem, NV

Ants are a common problem for Anthem homeowners. Many species of ants live in our area, including Argentine ants, pavement ants, rover ants, ghost ants, and odorous house ants. Although some ants are nothing more than a minor nuisance, others can inflict painful stings or spread dangerous pathogens into your home. Most ants tend to stay outdoors, where they belong. However, ants often venture into Anthem properties while foraging for easily accessible sources of food and water. Once they find a food source, they may even move their entire colonies into your home or business. To prevent an ant infestation in your property, follow a few of these ant prevention tips:

  • Avoid leaving out open soda cans and sauce bottles after outdoor parties.

  • Equip your garbage cans with tight-fitting lids.

  • Clean your counter and sweep your floors to pick up excess food crumbs and residue.

  • Seal cracks and crevices around your doors, windows, and exterior walls.

  • Install weather stripping along all of your exterior doors.

  • Store food products and leftovers in plastic containers or the refrigerator.

  • Eliminate excess moisture on the interior and exterior of your property. 

Although ant prevention tips can be helpful, they aren’t as effective as ant control and elimination services from Red Rock Pest Control. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with ants in and around your Anthem property, which is why we provide everything you need to get rid of them. Reach out to the experienced pest professionals here at Red Rock Pest Control today for more details about our ant control process.

Did You Know That Termite Damage In Anthem, NV Is Avoidable?

Dealing with termites in your Anthem home or business is not something you want to experience. Termites are capable of invading your property and causing serious structural damage without being detected. Many termite infestations aren’t discovered until several years later after significant damage has already been done. Termite damage is costly and frustrating, but it can also be avoided. To avoid finding termite damage in your Anthem home or business, consider a few of the following termite prevention strategies:

  • Remove logs, stumps, and dead trees from your lawn.

  • Learn to identify signs of termite activity, such as swarmers, shed wings, and mud tubes.

  • Keep a two-foot barrier between the soil and wooden portions of your property.

  • Eliminate excess moisture by repairing leaky drains and faucets. 

  • Remove thick foliage from around your exterior walls.

  • Install dehumidifiers in damp areas of your home.

The most effective way to deal with termites is with a termite control plan from Red Rock Pest Control. We work hard to provide affordable pest control services that cover a wide range of common pests, including termites. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your free termite inspection.


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