A Complete Guide To German Cockroach Control For Las Vegas Property Owners

Are you familiar with the cockroach pest known as the German cockroach? Are you aware that this cockroach species is not from Germany, but that it is the most common cockroach species in Germany and also in the United States? When it comes to cockroach pests, this is the undisputed leader. It is a world-class roach! Here is a complete guide to understanding German cockroaches in Las Vegas.

german cockroach in kitchen

German Cockroaches In Las Vegas

The German cockroaches we have in Las Vegas are Blattella germanica. This is the same species that is found all over the world. What they do here is the same as what they do everywhere. These are dirty insects that are drawn to rotting organic matter, feces, and bacteria. When they get inside a structure, they contaminate food, taint dishes, and cause illness.

What makes these roaches worse than all the others is that they love to live in man-made structures. When German cockroaches get in, they rarely go back outside. They can complete their entire life cycle indoors, live off limited resources, and tolerate conditions that would be too dry for other species.

German Cockroach Identification

When a German cockroach hatches from its egg, it starts its life as a nymph. So, you're never going to see wiggly maggots or grubs in breeding areas. Nymphs look different from adults because they don't have wings. They're also quite a bit smaller than adults. A newly hatched German cockroach is so small it can pass through a hole of an electrical outlet.

An adult German cockroach is tan in color and has fully formed wings. While it can fly, it rarely does. On the back of a German cockroach are two dark lines that may resemble an equal sign.

German Cockroach Behaviors

These cockroaches can tolerate dry conditions but they prefer high humidity and dampness. If they can find areas that are moist, they'll gravitate to them. Often, the moisture they find is rotting juices in the bottom of a garbage bin or underneath a refrigerator. They have a knack for finding rotting organic matter. The wetter the substance, the better. Don't be surprised to pull a mop out of a damp pail and watch these roaches scatter, or to see one come out of the drain of an unused sink in your laundry room or boiler room.

German Cockroach Diseases

There are no specific diseases that are linked to German cockroaches. They spread the same diseases that all cockroaches can spread. They pick up harmful bacteria and parasitic worms. They transmit human pathogens. They shed body parts, saliva, and feces, which aggravates asthma symptoms, and they can cause a rash on the skin when they crawl across.

German Cockroaches In The Kitchen

If these roaches get into your kitchen, it is vital that you protect yourself from illness. Here are a few tips:

  • Store your foods in sealed containers.

  • Keep your trash receptacle clean.

  • Remove trash at least once a week.

  • Keep surfaces clean.

  • Put dirty dishes in soapy water.

  • Keep floors clean.

German Cockroaches In Your Bathroom

Cockroaches eat dead skin, eyelashes, and hair. This attracts them to your bathroom. Once there, they'll feed on these things as well as remnants of toothpaste on your toothbrush. Protect your toothbrush by putting it inside a case.

German Cockroach Control

There are a few things you can do to reduce German cockroaches around the outside of your Las Vegas home. This is not an exhaustive list but it will give you an idea of ways you can have an impact.

Rocks. Cockroaches are drawn to rocks because they like to be squeezed into tight spaces. If you have gravel in your landscaping, the ground under the gravel may be damp. This will lure these roaches to hide between the hard rocks and the damp ground.

Food. Cockroaches eat garbage, fertilizer, compost, dog droppings, and anything that is rotting. Remove food sources to reduce cockroach activity.

Shade. All cockroaches are attracted to damp conditions and shaded areas. Trim tree canopy and address conditions that cause high levels of moisture.

Get Some Help

Remember that you're not alone. The pest control service team at Red Rock Pest Control is always available to help you get control of German cockroaches and other common Las Vegas pests. Contact us today for assistance.


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