5 Things You Didn't Know You Were Doing To Attract Cockroaches In Vegas

There are few people on the face of the earth who don't know what a cockroach is. In fact, roaches have earned quite a reputation for infesting man-made structures. But a surprising number of people don't know many of the reasons cockroaches are attracted to man-made structures, and not understanding this can lead to an infestation. Let's take a look at a few reasons why roaches may find your Las Vegas property attractive.

american cockroach inside a mug

1. Entry Points

At face value, entry points may not seem like an attractant. They let cockroaches into your home or business but can they really be considered attractants? You betcha! Cockroaches are attracted to tight spaces. This is because they are thigmotactic. That is a fancy, scientific word for, "Roaches feel safe when they are crammed into cracks and crevices with hard surfaces all around them." Thigmotaxis will draw them to get into foundation cracks or cracks in concrete structures. Once inside, they can move to wall and ceiling voids, and eventually to all points within the structure. Sealing entry points can remove this attractant and reduce your chances of having roaches invade your property.

2. Moisture

Cockroaches are drawn to areas of high moisture. If you have landscaping that is constantly watered, cockroaches will take notice. They'll also be drawn to a property that has moisture issues, such as a leaking spigot, an obstructed gutter system, or areas where puddles form on compacted ground. Address conditions of moisture to reduce cockroach activity and limit your exposure to these insects.

3. Animal Feces

If you have pets or livestock, they could be leaving food out for cockroaches. It may be disgusting to think about but cockroaches eat feces. If you have feces in your yard, roaches will be drawn in. Keep feces cleaned up around your structure to reduce cockroaches.

4. Rotting Organic Material

If you have anything in your yard that is decaying, cockroaches are going to be drawn to them. They'll get into a compost pile. They'll climb around in trash. They'll get into recyclables. They'll feed on dead animals. They'll eat rotting fruit. If they find a way into your home or business, they'll be inspired to stay if they find rotting organic material. One source they commonly feed on is organic material underneath or on the sides of heavy appliances. It is a good idea to pull your stove and refrigerator out periodically to do some deep cleaning. This can have a big impact on cockroach activity.

5. An Absence Of A Pest Control Barrier

Cockroaches prefer a property that is not protected by routine applications of EPA approved pest control products. The best way to reduce cockroaches is to invest in a residential or commercial pest control plan. If you need assistance with this in the Greater Las Vegas area, we can help. Red Rock Pest Control is a leader in pest control. Our team uses Integrated Pest Management methods to provide long-lasting, effective control of cockroaches and other harmful pests, with the least amount of pest control product.

Why Is It Important To Control Cockroaches?

Since cockroaches are drawn to rotting things and they eat feces, they are a serious health concern. They can get into your food or climb on your dishes and deposit harmful bacteria and parasitic worms. This can lead to ongoing sickness. They also aggravate asthma symptoms when they move about inside structures.

Why Is Prevention Is Better Than Extermination?

When cockroaches find their way inside, it is much more difficult and costly to deal with them. If you do not yet have a cockroach infestation, we strongly recommend investing in proactive cockroach control treatments to reduce cockroach populations and control cockroach activity. Our team uses field-tested strategies that have been shown to be effective. We can get you the results you're looking for. Get started by requesting a free inspection. We'll send a licensed and experienced pest control professional to your home or business. This inspection will help you understand what pest pressures are present and what pest control measures will work to get your property protected. Reach out to us today. We're standing by to assist you!


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